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Flat - Chartres > Tours - 214 km


Nestled by the Loire in a valley on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Tours is the undisputed capital of the Garden of France. As such, the people who call it home enjoy an exceptional living environment and its visitors are greeted with warmth and hospitality. Tours is a city that celebrates learning, revels in culture and excels in sport. It boasts world-class facilities that reflect its status as the metropolis of the Grand Ouest region, as well as a fine network of community services in the heart of its neighbourhoods. Proud of its past and fully focused on the challenges of our time, with a strong emphasis on the ecological transition, Tours is one of those places where the city of tomorrow is being built today.
A metropolis with an accessible quality of life
Tours has its heart set on the Loire and breathes the Atlantic breeze. From the sailors of yesterday to the inventors of the city of tomorrow, the metropolis on the Loire constantly finds new ways to create this delightful quality of life that charms its residents and visitors. Tours became an important railway and military hub in the industrial era. A legacy of this golden age is the station, a masterpiece by Victor Laloux (the same architect who created Orsay Station, now a museum), which links Tours to Paris, Île-de-France and the entire Grand Ouest region. The development of the Atlantic TGV line has connected Tours to numerous capitals since 1990.
Flourishing and empowering with every gesture
If living is an art, in Tours, living together is a shared pleasure. This sense of community is the soul of the city. This is why Tours throws its weight behind the cultural, sporting and social aspirations of its citizens.
Sport as a driver of empowerment
Tours is home to a marathon, the Paris–Tours cycling race and the Howard Hinton Sevens rugby tournament. It champions sport for all, from amateurs to professionals, for men and women, and has put health sport at the top of its agenda. Its vibrant scene of top-flight clubs proves that the city can go the distance and shine on the national and international stage (volleyball, football, handball, etc.). Tours also hosts major European and global sporting events such as the 2024 Olympic Games.


The living environment of Chartres, where nature and history mingle in harmony, is as exceptional as its cathedral. Discover its historical monuments, churches, bridges, washhouses, parks and flower gardens as you wander through its medieval streets. Its heritage is alive and vibrant throughout the year, with a diverse and exciting programme of culture, events and art, spanning from the traditional to the cutting-edge. The flagship event is "Chartres en lumières". Every night, from April to January, more than twenty sites are filled with light and transform the city into a kaleidoscopic wonderland. This larger-than-life spectacle is the world's biggest light show dedicated to heritage.
A city with a burning passion for sport
Chartres also lives and breathes sport! For over a decade, it has been the venue of national and international championships in swimming, table tennis, billiards, squash, BMX, paintball and more. It boasts top-tier teams in handball, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball and rugby. Chartres was awarded the "Terre de Jeux 2024" label and will have the honour of being a celebration site for the Olympic flame. L'Odyssée, the largest water sports-ice rink complex in France, is also the base camp for the Australian Olympic swimming team. Cycling is one of the sports that fascinate the people of Chartres and make their hearts skip a beat. Every year, the deafening roar of the crowds greets the riders of Paris–Tours. The crowds will be back again for the 117th edition to show their support for the peloton as it rolls out of Chartres for the sixth time in a row.